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    Require Assigned Tech?


      Hi all.


      We are having an issue where our techs forget to assign the ticket to themselves before closing it. Is there a way to require a tech be assigned before the ticket can be closed?



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          No, there's not anything that requires a Tech be assigned in order to close a ticket.


          That being said, you might be able to approximate this by using Action Rules.    How many Techs do you have?

          If it is just a few this might be workable; the caveat is that you would need one of these rules for each Tech that might close tickets.


          Create an Action Rule (Setup -> Processes -> Action Rules).  

          • On the first page (Action Rule Info tab) of the Action Rule definition, give it a name and set the Rule Triggering options to "only when updated by a Tech" and "only if criteria did not match before the ticket was updated".

                         no tech action rule 1.png

          • On the second page (Criteria tab), add the following Criteria:
            • Tech          is blank
            • Status        is Closed
            • Updated by        Tech     <select tech name>        within the last       10        Business Min(s)

                         no tech action rule 2.png

          • On the third page (Actions tab), add the following Action:
            • Assign To     Tech     <select tech name>

                         no tech action rule 3.png



          So, in my example above, if Joe Admin goes and closes a ticket and that ticket has no Tech assigned, it should go back and assign the ticket to Joe Admin (without re-opening the ticket)

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            Kellytice's suggestion is neat- we have a slightly more... well deliberately annoying action rule which just reopens any ticket that hasn't got a Tech assigned when they go to close it. It was surprising how quickly the guys seemed to pick up that they had to assign a ticket before closing it