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    How to alert on NFS datastore disconnect?


      We have a number VMWare clusters on a number of different vCenter servers that use NFS connections to NetApp volumes.  Each volume may be connected to more than one VMWare host in more than one vCenter.  We recently had a problem where the NFS connection to some of the volumes started "flapping" on some of the hosts, causing issues on just those hosts.  In a clear effort to close the barn door after the animals have escaped, I'm trying to configure an alert to let us know when a datastore is unmounted from a host.  Unfortunately, when I select "Virtual Datastore", I can see whether the datastore is up or not, but I can't see which host(s) it was disconnected from; if I select "Virtual Host", I don't get any visibility to any datastores connected to it.  Can anyone provide me with some guidance for this?