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    AppInsight For SQL Cluster with Agent

    leigham martin



      I am trying to monitor a SQL server cluster that i have but by using the agent, the agent is installed on the server that the cluster sits on but it will not show the option for SQL AppInsight monitoring due to the IP address of the SQL cluster being different to the Server IP.

      The reason im using the agent is because of the server sitting in the DMZ so WMI is not an option here.


      Ive seen a couple of articles around this but the KB that they refer to on the SolarWinds website just redirects me to nothing.

      Im wondering if anybody here can point me in the right direction or provide a workaround maybe?


      I find it hard to believe that SolarWinds Orion cannot do what i am trying to achieve given it is such a simple task.


      Any information around this would be useful.