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    WOW! No improvements in over THREE YEARS??

    Andrew M

      I'm again evaluating patch management solutions and decided to drop in to see the progress on my old friend, Patch Manager. I'm sorry to say that I was disappointed but not terribly surprised to see that there has apparently been no significant improvement whatsoever on the product over the last three years. Back in January 2015 I asked on this forum Is Patch Manager dead? because at that time it had already been a year without a single feature addition or UX improvement. I was assured by a Solarwinds representative, mavturner, that the development team was hard at work on the product and that the long delay between major updates was not typical. Well, a few months after that, minor update 2.1 was finally released and touted primarily the ability to automate publishing of third party patches, but did not include a flexible rule system to manage publishing by product version or edition. Other than that relatively minor feature improvement, 2.1 also included some new reports, Windows 2012 R2 and 8.1 support, and a few new options to group machines. No UX improvements, no significant bug fixes, and didn't even include documentation on how to use the new features. This was hardly a momentous release.


      And that was 2 years ago.


      Now in 2017, PM is still at version 2.1.x and still includes the majority of the issues that I listed in List of bugs and feature requests for Patch Manager 1.72 back in 2012 (almost 5 years ago!) How can I even consider recommending this to a client when there's no indication that the product will ever improve beyond what it is now. I see no indication that Solarwinds intends to do much with the incredible potential of this product other than to continue to collect annual fees until customers finally move on to something better. Please tell me that I'm wrong.


      Is there a development team focused on more than just maintaining the product to support new operating systems? Are there plans to address the UX issues and to add real functionality improvement in new releases?