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    Custom SQL trigger condition when empty query




      I am trying to make a trigger condition that is triggered when an item is NOT present in a UDNP poll.


      When creating the Trigger Condition with Custom SQL Alert based on Custom Node Table Poller, I get this Select Statement:


      SELECT CustomPollerStatusTable.FullLabel, CustomPollerStatusTable.CustomPollerAssignmentID, CustomPollerStatusTable.CompressedRowID

      FROM CustomPollerStatusTable


      And I would like to expand it with something like this:


      WHERE FullLabel = 'TheValueThatIsNotSupposedToBeThere'

      if(@@ROWCOUNT = 0)

        SELECT 'ValueA','ValueB','ValueC'


      This works just fine int the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, but not in the Solarwinds box.


      Backgroundinfo: The HP MSM Wifi controllers have a list of all accesspoints in the SNMP MIB, and if an accesspoint goes offline, it disappears from the list.


      Anyone got a clue - been looking all over the documentation, thwack and searched for quite some hours, but still stuck.