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    NPM running really slow. High CPU Utilization


      I have had an issue since Monday. The SW Web Services and Module Engine was not loading which gave me different error messages, including one that states that

      Application Pool worker process is unresponsive. I also noticed that my CPU utilization has been maxed out constantly since the issue occurred. When i load the configuration wizard it says that the web request for Orion/Login.aspx failed - The operation has times out. I had 2 agents look at it and the were unsuccessful. I finally got the site working but it runs really slow and the CPU utilization is still maxed out. Sometimes the site would timeout.
      Nothing has changed on the server prior to the outage. No Windows update based on the syslog and nothing was touched over the weekend. The only thing that happened in relation to my NPM server is that some routing was done on a firewall so a different country can access the NPM website.
      What am i missing? In dire need. Just spent an hour and a half waiting to speak to someone.