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    SNMP Port setting ignored in Node Discovery via SWIS


      I've encountered an issue when adding nodes via SWIS. I have two equal devices one of which is configured to respond to SNMP requests on port 161 and another which listens on port 61161. The latter device cannot be discovered as an SNMP node directly using the web interface. Instead it has to be added as an ICMP-only node after which it must be changed to SNMP and port 61161 manually. The former node on the other hand gets discovered correctly and from the start gets added as an SNMP device.

      Using the SolarWinds SDK it's possible to add nodes too. In addition to this, it's possible to control which SNMP port the Network Discovery should use for polling. Please see the below link: https://github.com/solarwinds/OrionSDK/wiki/Discovery In the code example right below the headline, "Building the discovery context from the plugin configurations", there's a field in the XML text, <SnmpPort>161</SnmpPort>, which obviously offers a way to control the SNMP port and yet SolarWinds NPM seems to ignore this field. I've run the same discovery script written in Powershell on both nodes with the SNMP Port field set to <SnmpPort>61161</SnmpPort>.

      The problem is that the node which is configured to listen to port 161 gets added incorrectly and the other node which listens on port 61161, incorrectly does not get added using the same Powershell script. I therefore believe there's a bug in the SolarWinds SDK regarding the SNMP Port field.


      Does anybody have any idea how I can perform a Network Discovery on a custom SNMP port i.e. other than port 161?


      Thanks for reading this far,