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    Scanning for IIS and ports.


      I haven't spent much time in the product, but at the bottom of a page I have the following Orion Platform 2017.1, WPM 2.2.1, CloudMonitoring 1.0.0, NPM 12.1, DPAIM 11.0.0, QoE 2.3, VIM 7.1.0, SAM 6.4.0, NetPath 1.1.0


      Normally I'm an end user of this but I'm the only one here today I was asked to do something.


      I have been asked to scan our nodes for Microsoft IIS.  I also will need to know what servers are using ports 80 and 443. 


      Would it be best to start a new scan?  If so how do I go about getting a search for what I'm looking for?


      Can I run a report on existing nodes?  So far this has borne no fruit for me.


      I've found powershell scripts that I can run to locate servers running IIS.  Would this be the better way to go about it? 


      Thanks for your help.