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    After migration, web interface is empty/ old configs are gone...!



      We migrated solarwinds and the sql from a single server and migrated the MSSQL OS to one server, and the Orion to the other server, so that we have two servers.

      The problem is that when we boot up the web interface, nothing from the old server is there, meaning that we have to manually input all the settings that were on the old server.  We were under the impression that once we had it up and running, it would be the same as before.

      All the old files are on the appropriate new servers, the database was restored from backup, the IP address is the same as the old IP address.

      We can discover the devices, but is that normal, or should it have already been there when we ran the web interface for the first time from the new server IP?

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      These are the products that we are currently on, and yes I installed the same product version onto the new server as the old one.

      Orion Platform 2014.2.1, SAM 6.1.1, QoE 1.0, NCM 7.3.2, NPM 11.0.1, NTA 3.11.0, IVIM 1.10.0