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    Discontiguous Subnets and Nested Subnets


      Is there a way to works with Discontiguous Subnets in IPAM?


      Here is an example of what I need to acomplish


      We have several branches each one with her own subnet(10.XXX.0.0/16) and in every one of them we have


      - Alarms

      - UPS

      - Cameras


      To maintain order we assign similar IP addresses to the same devices; for example


      Alarms: 10.XXX.14.X

      UPS: 10.XXX.15.X

      Cameras: 10.XXX.16.X


      So whay I want is to create a subnet for every single one of them to know the available IPs in case we have to install another one.


      So the mask of each subnet will be:






      Another solution might be creating a subnet (/24) in the subnet of each branch, but i don't know if this is posible