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    Action Rules - Wildcard criteria


      I'm trying to make an Action Rule against a Text based Custom Field.  I want this to trigger when at least 1 alpha-numeric character is entered into the field (field null).  Initially this seems incredibly limited by only having "contains" and "equal to" as options for the rule.


      However, if I set it the Rule to "contains" and enter "*" (asterisk) for the criteria, the action rule will be triggered whether the ticket's field is null or has data in it.  This would tell me there is some kind of regex at play (despite working differently from using "*" in an inventory search field which would ignore the null/blank values).  I continued to play around using both "contains" and "equal to" settings along with various wildcard characters (*%?) but nothing seems to work.


      Am I missing something or is the "contains" and "*" setting a fluke?  Is there any other way to trigger a Web Help Desk Action Rule by having a Custom Field text box populated with "anything"?


      Thanks in advance!