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    How to change targets of a scheduled Maintenance Task




      In 2015 I created a scheduled Task "Decline Itanium Updates for all WSUS Servers" which run fine. Later I added a fourth WSUS Server to the Task. An older one is now removed. How can I remove it from the Task?

      The Server itself is removed from Patchmanager and Domain already.

      If I view the Tasks properties it shows me: Selected scope: WSUS Servers - 4 selected servers. In the field below the Servers are listed. All Actions other than "Browse Computers" and "Add subnet" are grayed out so I can not remove the fourth old wsus Server from the Task. This results in an error message if the Task is run - it fails partially:



      WSUSConnection::Unable to connect to the WSUS Server ([fourth WSUS]) using the account: [Account] The remote name could not be resolved: '[fourth WSUS]'