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    Full Upgrade to latest - Questions


      Hello Community!


      Hi.  Fairly new Solarwinds customer here.  After a couple of months of testing in development, we now have a full production environment setup, and teams are slowing adding all components for monitoring.

      I've noticed that almost a couple of weeks ago, newer updates were released for the new PerfStack.  It looks great!  I am entitled for these updates and would like to go about a full upgrade.  I'm just looking for some insight, and step-by-step etc. as to go about it.  It tooks quite awhile to get our production environment setup - we did run into several issues that support has helped me fix, and it's all up and running, so where I'm a fairly new customer, I'm a little reluctant to perform a huge upgrade without first getting some insight, for you all, and your experiences etc.


      Here is my current setup, along with versions:


      Main Orion Server: (1)

      Orion Platform


      Network Configuration Manager
      Server & Application Monitor
      Network Performance Monitor
      Virtual Infrastructure Monitor
      Storage Resource Monitor
      NetFlow Traffic Analyzer



      Additional Poller:(1)

      Orion Platform


      Additional Web Server: (1)

      (Same as Main Orion Server)


      Database Details:

      Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (SP2-CU3) Standard Edition.


      So as of prior to the updates released on March 17th, we currently had the latest versions of the modules.


      I have read the "Upgrade Multiple SolarWinds Products" guide, and also ran through the SolarWinds Product Upgrade Advisor (which stated no problems, and provided a step-by-step of which modules to upgrade first).


      Has anyone upgraded from the the module versions I have, to the newest/latest?  Any issues?


      Also, if you guys/gals were performing these upgrades, what would be your course of action?