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    Remote CAC Help




      I am setting up Dameware 12 Remote Control Tool on a few systems and am having an issue, getting connected to remote systems using my CAC.  We have, both admin and regular certs on the CAC but will be using the admin cert to do the remote control assistance.


      I will give you a rundown of what I am doing:


      Right click DameWare Mini Remote Control > Run as different user (choose my admin Cert from CAC)

      Fill in all information needed (Select Smart Card logon and fill in PIN)

      Click connect and get error, after a few moments of waiting


      DameWare Mini Remote Control

      Smart Card Logon Failed (5.2).

      System Error: 1326

      System Message: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.


      After inspecting the security logs on the client system I believe that the error is because its attempting to use my regular user account, not my admin account. Even tho we are running the MRC tool using admin cert credentials.



      I am a local admin on remote system and can confirm this with username and password, so we know the authentication is there.  For some reason it keeps defaulting back to the regular user cert.


      Any thoughts on it?