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    NCM able to change the password on devices?


      we have to change the local password on all network and security devcies?

      how can we use NCM in this case?

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          Are you just talking about the enable password? How do you access your devices? Do you use TACACS?


          You can create a NCM job that just runs the appropriate commands for the device you are changing. Only thing is if you are changing the credentials on a device and solarwinds uses those credentials to log onto the devices, you will loose access once the password is changed.

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              Thanks super fly for your response,


              yes, we need to change the local user password on the devices.


              we are using TACACS user to access our devices and on some devices local user.


              Yes, I understand once the local user password is changed, we will loose the access from solarwinds.


              we are planning to create the jobs and execute the commands or upload the script. So are we going good or not, please suggest

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                  Mark Roberts

                  If you are changing the local account password on your devices, then the following is your procedure:


                  1. Create the appropriate script within NCM Configuration Management area (save the script in the script library)
                    1. This script will be written exactly as you would if you were using putty to connect to the terminal of the device
                  2. Use an appropriate test device and run the script against that and confirm the change has been made fully
                  3. Execute or schedule the action against the devices


                  If you have TACACS, then you really should be using a service account configured in TACACS as the account NCM uses. However, again the best practice is to use User accounts within NCM to perform execute script actions. This way the audit trail records exist for any changes made within NCM in the NCM audit logs and on the TACACS logs.


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