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    Account limitations


      How can you limit accounts to only view some nodes, but have full access to others?

      For example, The virtualization detail web part errors when viewing a node with account limitations for that node, because the account cannot access the vCenter or ESXi host.

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          You can create account limitation for a View by selecting the nodes required. Give admin rights overall in each plugin.

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            I LIKE EGGS



            you can group views by Custom properties and build your limitation on the custom property. you will need to log on to the primary soalrwinds server and open 'account limitation builder'


            then on your view select edit


            and select the CP



            you will have to play around with the accounts and nodes details views




            id probably go with this option: why not just select the accounts that dont need to have the access to the Virtual environment and remove the view completely


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                The custom property will not be on the virtualization node.  When you have VIM, it creates a separate nodes table just for the virtualization nodes, and that table is linked to the nodes table.  That is the issue.  They need to see the virtualization details that the custom property knows nothing about.

                You have to build 2 sets of account limitations.  One for the node, and another for the virtual node.  Since you can't add a custom property to the virtual node, you are stuck with name pattern.