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    NetPath, sometimes unknown switch



      We have a strange problem, we use NetPath on our internal network but as the picture show, sometimes a layer 3 switch is grayed out and sometimes it is shown.


      Switch A is the same switch

      and the brand is ProCurve Switch 5412zl.


      Is this a known problem/issue and does anyone know a solution?

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          We have a similar problem with dual core Nexus switches that use LACP channels (vPC) with IP based hashes. I made a previous post about a symptom where the final hop was alwasy inflated. I twiddled a setting in the config file:


          NetPath last hop high latency


          I haven't had a chance to troubleshoot the config file more on this.


          The big problem is that when I send the diagram to the people who maintain downstream gear, we lose credibility because of the surreal source anomalies.