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    High Memory Utilization


      Has anybody noticed high memory utilization after upgrading from 12.0 to 12.1 NPM.   Mine is pegged at near 100%  Currently running 16GB Physical. This is on a VM Windows Server 2012

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          If your System Administrator (or you) can't identify the problem, and if a reboot doesn't resolve it, I wouldn't wait for Thwack folks to get back to you with an answer or their experiences, I'd call Solarwinds Tech Support and get a case started. 


          That way someone's working on it for you immediately, while the Thwack group may take a day or a month to get back to you with their experiences.


          For example, I've not upgraded to 12.1 yet, preferring to see how others' experiences go.  You're a perfect case in point, and I'll be watching this thread to learn what you discover is running your CPU so high.  Here's hoping others have your answer, or at least will report their 12.1 CPU utilization for your comparison.

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            We have a similar issue.


            Used physical memory is at 96%.

            Solarwinds.InformationService.ServiceV3.exe process consuming around 4-4.5GB.

            Solarwinds.Collector.Service.exe process consuming around 2GB.


            Version: NPM

            Windows Server 2008 R2

            12.0 GB RAM


            We are unable to access the web service during this period of high utilization - Unexpected Website Error: Request timed out.


            Unfortunately, I don't have a pre- memory baseline.

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              George S

              I upgraded to 12.1 last week.... my memory utilization is more or less static. (64-65%)

              Virtual machine

              2012 64-bit

              16 GB RAM

              HOST = ESXi V 6.0