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    VRF Interface report


      Hi All,

      I'm looking to generate a report from Orion for all interfaces (physical/svi) in nodes that belong to a particular VRF. I have the VRF name/rd etc. Any suggestion on how to do that?

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          I don't have any VRFs in my lab to test real data, but if you make a report with a custom datasource  of the SWQL type, this should get you in the right ballpark:


          FROM Orion.Routing.VRF v
          WHERE v.Name LIKE '%Name Goes Here%'



          Let me know if you need more help!




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              Thanks for your reply ZackM. It surely did produce a report with VRFs, but it is incomplete i.e. not all nodes were included. I found that the default poller forVirtual Routing and Forwarding is only enabled in one third of our devices. In the rest, the poller did not find a matching OID. I have to now find out an OID/poller that will enable VRF for other devices also. As always, any hint will be appreciated.

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                  For me, I would either search the NPM Content Exchange, or do some Googling to see if I could find an associated OID that would help. You can also start by using the SNMPWalk.exe utility in the SolarWinds install directory to see what OIDs are responding on your devices so you can narrow down your search.


                  It sounds like you're going to have to create a Universal Device Poller to gather this metric from the unsupported devices.