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    EOC v2 Beta 5  top menu missing


      I installed this on a clean vm with a new db and got two sites added.  Lost the menu bar.  Under edit groups no nodes show.  But the dynamic query is bringing in some nodes.







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          Andrew - apologies for the delay.  My name is Jeff Blank, and I will be taking over the PM duties for EOC eventually, and certainly value your feedback.  I absolutely want to assist with any issues you are running into with the Beta.  I was a former SE and very familiar with the "needs around EOC", but identifying specific details from our customers provides tremendous value.  It truly helps SolarWinds in providing a product that solves a problem.  We will have a new Beta soon, so I will let you know when that is released.  From your 3 posts, I see most of them appear to focus on somewhat of the legacy views or pages.  Have you had time to work with the new Enterprise Dashboard and has that been successful?


          Shoot me a message and we can sync up.  If we need to grab some diags and investigate more deeply, I will be happy to do so and pass on our findings to Dev.