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    How do you monitor SaaS vendors?


      We have provide a number of software products to customers and users here. The software products may be provided by a cloud vendor (e.g. Amazon or Azure), or by a private cloud run by the vendor.


      i.e. the relationship is:

      Student <-> Department <-> Central IT <-> Saas Vendor <-> Amazon Web Services


      so, when a student calls in to Central IT (my department) reporting a problem with software someone (maybe us) provides to the department from a SaaaS vendor how might we know where the issue is.


      Unlike a lot of AWS monitoring tools (say) the application isn't deployed by us, so we have no visibility into vendor's cloud solution.


      thinking of the future.... How do you monitor this?

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          Today I like netpath best as most of these are basic web applications. I have a few stragglers that run more traditional applications, there I do whatever I can. Are the ports open? Do they reply correctly (I can check a few for specific text replies), can I access any API that should be there? There is no single answer, but the more important it is, the more I am willing to watch the traffic and figure something out to build a monitor.