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    I need help because I cannot figure it out


      Hello.  It's always something so simple where I seem to struggle the most.


      I have a custom monthly chart:



      Now, I think to myself 'it must be a customer page.  Because it's in it's own little link'  I kinda know it isn't, but there is a method to my madness.  So I look in custom views and can't find it (obviously)


      I'm also aware it's a custom chart.  So I open a new chart.  Both new and custom hoping to find it maybe in a chart/custom chart and still nothing.

      I have very little go by as this is something way before anyone.  All I know is that a script is called up and then that interacts with the interfaces and then produces this report.

      But I cannot see it for love nor money to try to make it again.  Or even export it.


      I have sought advice from other sources but they all shrug their shoulders and go 'uh'

      Any other places I need to start looking????