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    Delete all WHD Messages


      You might have seen something like,




      and wondered how in the world can i delete all those messages, well i finally was informed that is you follow the following process,


      1. Go to Create Messages.
      2. Click Shift + Click to select all the messages. Click Delete.
      Note: If you do not click Shift + Click, it only selects and deleted the messages in the current view.
      3. Select All Messages in View Messages option.
      4. Click Delete All.


      The messages do delete, however the number at the top remains.  So are they really gone or are they gone from your screen?  Regardless, the messages which mine are from is the annoying Office 365 issue currently happening with WHD.   So once you open your support tickets with Solarwinds and Microsoft, they have you capture all kinds of data, and in the end, it appears Microsoft blames Solarwinds.   But that is for a different post. 


      There is a support article for this as well which many of you probably knew about but alas I did not.


      Delete bulk messages - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      Good luck and happy WHDing


      No if my counter would only reset.