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    Tickets not showing up in "group" unless a query is used.


      I am configuring our ticketing system in Web help desk right now. I'm having an issue where open tickets are not showing up in "Group Tickets". I can query for all tickets with an open status and they show up, but they don't do it by default. I don't have them set to auto assign and have tried not tying them a tech group. So far nothing is giving me the result I want. My goal is to have a ticket pool  where all submitted tickets go and can be viewed by all the techs in that ticketing group. Is this possible, or can I only accomplish this by building queries? Some pictures might help illustrate my point.


      These are what I see by default, they are just some test tickets.

      Group Tickets.jpg


      When I run a saved query for all tickets with a status of open:

      Group Tickets - open.jpg


      The top ticket isn't assigned to a tech, but is part of a group. Shouldn't any tech assigned to the group that ticket belongs to be able to see it? (fyi, all of my techs belong to every group since we are a small department).


      I would like the 2nd view to be the way it works sans query if possible.