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    Can I create a custom "manage node" view?



      I'm not sure if this belongs in the right group, but I am wondering if this is something that can be customized, or is there a better way to approach this?


      I need to be able to give limited access to the "patching group" to be able to "select" all of the servers in a group, and bulk-mute the nodes.


      Right now, we incorporated a mute node custom property to suppress alerts with that flag, however, when it comes to patching, we have to manually edit each server (added a custom property edit field in the node). 


      I know that "I can" bulk select the servers myself and do an "edit properties" and "check mute", but I want to have the Patching Group do this without  having to give access to edit all the other custom properties (in bulk). 


      Thank you in advance!

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          Orion doesn't have a way to grant access to edit some custom properties but not others. Maybe you could make a custom tool (outside of Orion) that holds (as secret data) an Orion username and password with rights to edit custom properties. The tool would let users toggle your mute custom property, but nothing else. Then give the patching group access to this tool.