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    Permission to Share Quick Tickets


      Is there a permission I can grant my Techs to allow them to share their quick tickets?  As an admin I have the Share option as you can see in the screenshot below; however, my Techs don't have this option and I don't see a permission for it.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions and I apologize if I missed something obvious.


      WHD Share Quick Ticket.png

        • Re: Permission to Share Quick Tickets

          We have the same requirement, but the feature is not currently available.


          Our workaround:

          One of our techs requests a Quick Ticket is shared with thier group,

          One of our admins takes over the techs account by breaking the accounts LDAP link, changing password, amending permission set to ADMIN, logging in to the tech account, sharing the quick ticket, then reverting the tech account to the LDAP authentication link and restoring the original permission set.


          Would also be good if we could choose which techs or tech groups that the QT is to be shared with....  at present it is shared globally which floods the QT list for all techs, which is not ideal in our multiclient setup.