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    False Alerts for Wireless Thin Client Down after Controller Software Upgrade


      We recently upgraded software on our Cisco 8500 WLAN Controller from v8.0.133.0 to v8.2.141.0


      After this upgrade, we started seeing Solarwinds reporting all, or nearly all, of the 1500 APs connected to the controller as being down.

      Checking the controller showed no loss of connection from any of the APs.

      It has generated these batches of false down alerts as often as twice a day, which causes a good bit of annoyance by the groups receiving the alerts.

      We are using SNMP v2, and no changes were made other than the code upgrade.

      Other controller still running the old Cisco code are not having this issue.  Rolling back code is not a viable option.

      NPM version is 12.0.1


      I have opened Support Case #1136786 for this issue.


      Anyone have similar experience after software upgrade on a Cisco controller?