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    Solarwinds Multiple Reports are Empty


      I have tried running mutliple reports and the results are empty.


      For example, when I ran the VM report for VM's with Snapshots it gave me a blank report even though I have mutliple vm's with snapshots.


      Is this a known issue?




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          first thing first, do you have the vman module?  is it integrated with your Orion installation? is it showing any errors or unknown objects to indicate that it isn't polling correctly?

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            in the summary page it's providing all kinds of statistics.  cpu, mem, disk, net, iops.


            it also shows a list of recently completed collection jobs.


            I have had solarwinds installed for over 6 months and am slowly trying to learn to use this software.  our vcenter has been polling with solarwinds for months. 


            I also checked an individual vm and it's providing tons of statistics to include cpu usage, net throughput, etc.


            when i click on reporting and try to run any report...(i click on generate excel spreadsheet) it takes me to the Scheduled, Running and Completed page and they all say Zero next to their column heading.