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    Linux Software Inventory


      I am looking at my software inventory and it seems that some are missing from the output. Take 'glibc' for instance. I have 5 installed packages on this particular RHEL server:








      However, Solarwinds is only reporting under Software Inventory when I search 'glib' with two:

      These would be the glibc-devel  and the glibc-headers


      I have tried to turn off Asset Inventory under List Resources and turn it back on, nothing changed.  Any ideas Thwack community?


      Edit: I completed an SNMP walk on the device and got back all five of what I am looking for under the   hrSWInstalledName OID.

      The ones in question end in .13, .130, .475.   It is pulling and displaying the devel, and header with the .482, and .16


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          Just an hour ago, I was asked to add some functionality that I thought Software Inventory would have been a good tool to help me achieve this and ran into something similar.


          In my case, the Linux admins wanted to check that yum-cron was installed. But it wasn't showing up in any of the Asset Inventory views.


          The only two listings I get for 'yum' were the yum-utils and yum-metadata-parser. Close but no cigar.



          And it was definitely installed on this server!


          The Asset Inventory on Linux relies exclusively on SNMP and much like like you, I whipped out some net-snmp-utils. But I tried snmptable.

          This is what I get when I queried hrSWInstalledTable grep'ing for 'yum'. Notice the two things are not like the others?


          TL;DR - It looks like Software Inventory excludes anything listed as a operatingSystem (2) in the hrSWInstalledType (. ) column. This seems too specific to be a bug, so the best bet is to submit a "Feature Request" in the SAM forums. In the meantime, I'm going to carve out some time with good ol' UnDP today

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            Asset inventory SNMP polling descriptions contains explicit definition, to skip items from sw inventory marked in OID hrSWInstalledType - by values 2 or 3


            • 2 : operatingSystem
            • 3 : deviceDriver




            You could do change in AssetInventory_PollingDescription to remove this filter, but such change is, of course, unsupported and will be overridden by Orion Configuration Wizard run.