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    SRM and VNX alerts - No resolution yet through support portal


      Hi Admins,


      I have SRM 6.3.0 configured with hotfix (SRM-v6.3.0-HotFix3) installed. I have two issues / requests for which am looking a solution:


      Issue 1: I have a VNX 5600 integrated with SRM and communicates using SMI-S Provider.


      If we have VNX "Auto tiering" enabled and suppose if we have MIXED pools under VNX (SSDs, SAS and SATA drives in one pool) - How Solarwinds handles the LUN Latency issues ?


      In Auto Tiering, When LUNs are created they are first treated as HIGH performance LUNs (Start high then auto tier) and with time, depending on the LUN Read / Write response times - Auto Tiering intelligently moves the LUN data to Low performance drives (Eg: SATA Drives).


      Under the Solarwinds console, in the Event Summary dashboard - All the Non performing LUN alerts are recorded as CRITICAL events. It should not be considered critical but it should be treated as informational event. An example of such LUNs is the ESXi host boot LUNs and swap LUNs which are Non-Active LUNs under ESXi.


      Issue 2:

      In Solarwnds (after applying the SRM-v6.3.0-HotFix3) - We still see the problem of a dashboard not displaying the VNX 5600 Raid group usable capacity summary. We can see the RAID group listed under the storage objects tree but the Array usable capacity summary would not show us the RAID group capacity but just the POOL capacity. Has this been addressed anyone ?