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    NPM RC3 trap/syslog view'er


      hy, I have tested the RC3 (12.1) and it look quite nice, there are some super-impovements. But one thing I really I do not understand: since you do not implement in this version the trap/syslog'er to WEB at lease you could have implemented e posibility to set a ALERT (into the webfrontend) out of the trap-viewer oder syslog-viewer as "Alert Action". if this would be possible, it would help a lot....


      perfstack-analyses is grate, installation run perfekt as usually (a RC test Licence as already discussed here on thwack would be grate)

      regards Pascal

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          I am also quite excited about PerfStack.  It looks very good, especially for a first release.


          However, I too wonder why we still have not seen any work on the syslog alerts and traps.  Also, I had hoped that the UNMANAGE and MUTE of alerts would finally include syslog alerts and traps.  I know this is something these (and other improvements) been requested by by myself and other Thwakers for at least 8 years now.  So, why are Syslog and Trap Viewer not getting the "love they need"?