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    Increasing account limitations post NPM 12


      From  Appstack: Account limitations not working  I added the extra user Account Limitations.

      However this was based on pre NPM 12.


      Is anyone able to confirm this is still possible in NPM 12 with the new UI, and what changes need to be made?

      I've tried but no success.

      Also tested unsuccessfully by manually updating the Db tables with a known limitation, but only the original 3 are taken into consideration.



      To allow me to add or remove the extra limitations, I modified
      x:\InetPub\SolarWinds\Orion\Admin\AccountLimitationEditor.ascx as well as the .cs


      After doing that though, there is an error in the EditAccount.aspx.cs

      Attempting to update that however isn't working and I'm still missing something