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    MRC with central server




      is it possible to use MRC with Central Server? I am asking because when I click on "buy now" at Download Remote Administration Software l DameWare it takes me to Remote Support buy page Store | SolarWinds - DameWare Remote Support - Buy Now


      Also how much do I have to pay for Central Server? How is the licencing? I have 3 licences (seats) of MRC. Do I have to buy 3 licences of Central server also? Where do I have to install central server? On DC server? What happenes when my DC HDD fails, do I lose Central server licence? In that case do I lose MRC licences as well?


      Is it possible to have Central server on two servers? So when one fails, the other takes over, so my colleagues can connect and use MRC? How many licences I need in this case?