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    11.5.3 to 12.0 upgrade NPM same file?


      We are about to upgrade to 12.0 first in our road map then 12.0.1 ect and all the rest of our comps.


      My question is before the installs have been separated for each system.


      We have 1 main poller, 2 additional pollers, and a web server.  We also have a flow database server as well as a dedicated DB server.


      Before there would be an install that is marked for Webonly or add poller only ect.


      But when I download 12.0 it only has the full 12.0.  I am assuming we install this same file on all servers.  Being Poller and web?


      Our Test environment only consists of a 1 poller and 1 db server.  Which the install went fine.