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    Orion Nodes Mac Address query


      Hello, I am writing a script to get data from the Orion.Nodes table via the REST API. I am able to query most of the information required.


      However, I am unable to query the Mac Address.


      According to the Schema, Node Mac Addresses are stored in either:   Orion.UDT.MACInfo, Orion.UDT.MACCurrentInformation or Orion.UDT.MACAddressInformation


      However, there are no results returned in any of these tables.


      Where can I find the MAC Address for each Node in Orion?


      SolarWinds Information Service v3.0 Schema Documentation


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          Do you actually have UDT?  That is a separate module and I don't know off hand why you don't have anything populating for your query there but my first guess would be not having it or not having your nodes set up correctly for it.  Try Orion.NodeMACAddresses, this should get what you are asking for.

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