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    Creating a custom report with different data types


      I have created a custom node property so that when someone adds a new node they can put what team it belongs to and makes searching, reports, and alerts simpler. Lets say I have teams, kittys and dogs. I have ran a report for kittys team that list out Asset Inventory for the installed software, name, date installed, version. This list out all software on a few Linux boxes. There are also some Windows Server 2012 R2 boxes in the mix and we would like to see the KB updates that are installed on them and when installed but when we try the dynamic builder we can't seem to get the logic down correctly. Skipping this part and trying to add a column just has them all grayed out because they are not like data and it gives a warning the system will likely bog down when running a report. Any ideas how we can pull all devices for just kittys team, list the software installed on the Linux boxes and list the KBs installed on the Windows boxes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Break it into two tables on  the report, first is Kitty Servers and their installed Software and second is just Kitty Servers with Windows Updates.  The Software inventory and Windows update information are stored in separate database tables, and if you know SQL then you may be able to see why allowing the users to just join together any random tables they attempt may give unexpected results. So the devs built some limitations in to the web tool limiting the number of ways you can connect things to only the kind of simple joins they planned for.  Looks like they didnt set plan for Software Inventory and Windows updates to be side by side.


          If you don't like that then you have to get into basically writing the report using fully custom SQL/SWQL that would be able to do a left join from the nodes table to the software inventory and another left join from nodes to the windows updates.

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