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    Low VM Capacity Issue



      New to Solarwinds and currently evaluating "Virtualization Manager v7.0.0.1367"


      2 of our clusters (cluster3 and cluster4 in table below) are reporting Cluster Low VM Capacity.


      I know there is lots of capacity.


      On checking the Capacity Planning tab within Virtualization Manager the results are as per below.


      I note that cluster3 and cluster 4 show different from the others.


      Are the Low Capacity and planning results related?

      Is there anything else I should be checking around both the results and the Low VM Capacity issue?


      cluster1 - New Usage Profile14.3 (Disk)487 (Disk)14.3 (Disk)0.4 (Disk)
      cluster2 - New Usage Profile20.9 (Disk)183 (Mem)20.9 (Disk)0.6 (Disk)
      cluster3 - New Usage Profile0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)
      cluster4 - New Usage Profile0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)0.0 (Mem)
      cluster5 - New Usage Profile20.9 (Disk)179 (Mem)20.9 (Disk)0.6 (Disk)


      Many thanks.