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    Brocade 6510 and 6505


      We have a combination of Brocade 6510 and 6505 switches. The switches are all being polled by SNMP and we are able to get interface statistics on all of the ports, see maximum traffic, etc. I have some custom pollers set up for firmware version, CPU and memory usage.


      I would like to ask the group (although I don't see any content out here so it doesn't appear the group is actually being used) to see what else you guys are doing/ polling from the Brocade switches.

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          anyone else monitoring brocade switches?

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              Yes we are monitoring Brocade 6510 switches and having issues trying to report back for FAN and CPU as the SNMP is only showing interface statistics on the ports and traffic.


              Have you managed to get the FAN or CPU to be monitored.


              Is there a template





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                  On the main Solarwinds server, I'm using the Orion Universal Device Poller and have the following set up. I haven't played around with them recently, but it appears they all show up for the 6510s but not 6505s. I'll look into it some more and reply back if I am able to find anything else out.


                  Here is "swSensorValue" ( which is the "fanshow" command while on the switch



                  "swBootDate" (

                  "swFirmwareVersion" (

                  "swCpuUsage" (

                  "swMemUsage" (