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    Different waits in different tabs (SQL, Waits, Programs, Etc.)


      I have noticed that there are sometimes HUGE differences for wait times given separate categories.  This, for example is the total wait times for the various tabs for one of our servers on March 3:


      SQL Tab:              6:42:33

      Waits Tab:           62:45:01

      Programs Tab:    54:29:04

      Databases Tab:   63:11:18

      Machines Tab:     13:20:43

      DB Users Tab:     58:47:21

      Files Tab:             0:28:21

      Drives Tab:          0:33:22

      Plans Tab:          10:59:45


      I think that I understand why most of these are different, but I'm trying to understand the SQL tab.  Is it so much lower than total waits because it is only the sum of the top 15 most "waited" statements?