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    Windows Agent Spiking CPU Utilization to 100% on Windows 10


      We recently upgraded all of our call center PC's from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  We immediately ran into issues where the LEM agent was maxing out CPU utilization causing the PC's to freeze up to the point we couldn't even login without forcing them into Safemode and disabling the LEM and USB Defender services.  We immediately upgraded all of the agents to v6.3.1 and the issues stopped, or so we thought.  Now the issue has come back, albeit randomly and with no warning.  One moment a user is using the PC without issue, the next they've come back from lunch and can't login and the PC is unresponsive.  To fix it we have to disable the services and un-install/re-install the LEM software again.  Then it's fixed for a while.  It's like a ticking time bomb on every PC in our call center.  Solarwinds said it's an "Unknown condition that occurs after upgrading from 6.1".  They pointed us to an article on their website which says to do exactly what we've been doing, but doesn't have a permanent fix.  Has anyone else been seeing this issue with LEM agents on PC's?  If so, do you have any other fixes you've found other than re-installing it every time it happens?