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    Help locating email on alert.


      I am learning Solarwinds for my new position and I received a request to change an alert that sends an email to one DL group to another group. I have combed through all our active alerts and cannot seem to find the alert they are wanting changed. I see the email from Solarwinds going to the DL group but I cannot find what alert it is. We only have 25 right now and that email is not on any of them. How can I find what alert is tied to this email?

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          You could view the alerts in the database.  Via queries like

          SELECT FROM _somewhere_ WHERE _something_ LIKE '%DL group%'


          If you just viewed all alerts in the database, you could look through the column for recipients.


          When you find the relevant alert, you could consider sending the alert to an email address tied to a custom property.  Depending on your environment, this could help down the line.  In a small environment, it may be complete overkill.  Just depends whether it saves you time, or is adequately self-documenting.

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            Had our DBA try this and they did not find an email tied to an alert but found a usergroup on the DB that is not in Solarwinds. Is that because we brought the database over when we upgrades but moved the Orion server to a new server with a fresh install?

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              Hi there tgarrett1267,



              This SQL should show all of your alerts, check out the Target definitions:


              SELECT ac.AlertDefID, ad.AlertName, ad.TriggerQuery, ac.Target

              FROM [dbo].[AlertDefinitions] ad

              INNER JOIN [dbo].[ActionDefinitions] ac

                 ON ad.AlertDefID = ac.AlertDefID

              WHERE ac.ActionType LIKE 'Email'



              And I know your pain on trying to fix these problems, and to help avoid it add the following line of text to my email alerts:



                     This alert was brought to you by - ${N=Alerting;M=AlertName}



              That way, you will always know which alert is which.



              I hope it helps,


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                Thanks Ill add that to all my alert emails. That will help clean these up.