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    Customize titles/legends in Web-based Reports?


      Hello All -


      Bit of a newbie here, with SW products... 


      I've created the beginnings of a simple resource utilization report, using some SAM 6.0 data (I know, but it's out of maintenance), and I've gotten a request to make it more user-friendly.   In the attachment, I've circled the areas I'd like to be able to format and or suppress


      One question concerns the legend (circled in red) - The feeling is that the node names by which Solarwinds knows the target servers make sense to the technical people, but are a little obscure for the intended audience for this report, so we're hoping to use different names, like  "DB Server 01", "DB Server 02", etc., rather than by the node names themselves.

      Also wondering if I can suppress some of the duplication of subtitles, as whatever I put in the "Title" field when I'm in "Edit Chart" appears in at least two places on the resulting chart (circled in black), and further, the times from which the report data is pulled show in more than one place and they don't agree (circled in blue).   I have theorized that the difference between the time listed in the first subtitle and the line that appears immediately below it is that first subtitle simply describes the target time period, while in the second, the end time reflects the time at which the last interval ended, since I'm summarizing at 15 minute intervals.   This may or may not be the right interpretation, but either way, if I could dispense with that second line, it might eliminate some potential confusion for our audience.


      Any advice welcome.