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    SWQL how to join multiple custom properties into group reports


      Hi guys, just joined the forum.  Been searching on how to get container data to merge in with custom properties table.  I would normally do this on the web report, but I can't link the custom group with node custom properties, but alas, I found swql as a stepping stone.


      I  have a question on how to  "join" other tables into this query.  Can you direct me on how to add in multiple custom properties tables into this? 


      Thanks for the support!




      select parent_container_name, parent_containerid, child_container_name, child_container_id, c.entityid as nodeid, c.name as caption 

      from  ( 

          select c.name as parent_container_name, containerid as parent_containerid, entityid as child_container_id, s.name as child_container_name 

          from orion.containermembersnapshots s 

          inner join orion.container c on c.containerid = s.containerid 

          where s.entitytype = 'orion.groups' 

            ) as p 

      left join orion.containermembersnapshots c 

          on p.child_container_id = c.containerid 

      where c.entitytype = 'orion.nodes'