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    Action Rules won't find A Newly Created Request Type


      I inherited the management of our webhelpdesk system, so I'm trying to teach myself some of the advanced features. I am going through and revising our request types and tech assignments.  Most of our tickets are assigned using the tech group management features, but for some things, it makes more sense to create an action rule for ticket assignment.  For our computer lab spaces, Tier 1 support is assigned directly to our helpdesk techs, but if it is a request for updated software, that goes directly to the lab manager.  I created a new sub-request type for software update requests.  I have a custom field with all of the lab spaces.  Some are managed by our PC Lab Manager, others by our Mac Lab Manager.  Based on which lab is selected, I was going to create an action rule to assign to the proper lab manager.


      However, the request type I created isn't showing up at all when I go to create the action rule.  I'm not sure what setting I might need to tweak.Lab software Request Type.PNG


      When I go to the action rules to apply it to this request type, it isn't listed:

      Action Rules.png