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    Migrating all Pollers to 2012 and Upgrading to 12.1


      The imminent GA of npm 12.1 and sam 6.4 is the catalyst for me to finally migrate all of our pollers off of 2008 R2.    I was thinking of timing this with upgrading to npm 12.1.   I think this should work in theory, any gotchas to this?  too many moving parts?


      My though process:


      *I will be reusing the ip addresses from old servers.   Debating whether i should use old hostnames, according to the KB i should be able to update hostnames in SQL.


      1. Deactivate licenses

      2. Shutdown pollers

      3.  Install NPM/SAM/IPAM/NCM/NTA/WPM on new main poller

      4. Activate Licenses for main poller

      5.  Run additional poller install and activate license for each additional poller.