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    Notify client of scheduled maintenance


      Hi -


      Is there a way to send a client an email notification of a scheduled maintenance from NPM or from any of the Solarwinds platforms? It would also be great for these to show up in a report of some sort.

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          They are partnering with OpsGenie now which may offer such a service. But OpsGenie looks like a ton of work to setup.

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            Vinay BY

            Yup its very much possible in NPM.

            1. I am assuming you would unmanage the device during scheduled maintenance to avoid false alerts

            2. Have a separate custom attribute as Maintenance email (Provide the list of email id's to whom the notification has to be sent out to)

            3. Create an Alert for Node Status "Unmanage" using the following conditions

            Node Status = Unmanaged

            Maintenance email = is not empty

            Trigger Action - send a email to ${Maintenance email} recipients when node is unmanaged


            Following is just a simple method, you can always get creative with custom attributes and alerts Hope it helps