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    Error in connection between client and solarwind


      Hi All,

      We have some agents that are unable to connect to Solarwinds. The client was installed, snmp is correctly configured, and the firewall ports 17778 OUTBOUND & 17790 INBOUND have been opened. We have verified that the SW agent is running and has been in communication with the ORION server:


      iptables -L | grep 177

      ACCEPT     tcp  --  xxxxxxxxxxxxx  anywhere            state NEW tcp dpt:17790

      ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             xxxxxxxxxx tcp dpt:17778


      netstat -naput | grep ESTA | grep 177

        tcp        0      0          ESTABLISHED 18534/swiagent


      ps -eaf | grep swi

        swiagent 18534     1  0 Mar01 ?        00:00:40 /opt/SolarWinds/Agent/bin/swiagent /detach pidfile=/opt/SolarWinds/Agent/bin/swiagentd.pid


      …yet, the agent and the ORION server have not been successful in exchanging the [appropriate handshake], for lack of a better term. The behavior I’ve seen on servers where the agent is working well is that main SW agent process spawns one or two more processes, JobEngine and Discovery.


      ps -eaf | grep swi

      swiagent 26978     1 28 11:33 ?        00:00:05 /opt/SolarWinds/Agent/bin/swiagent /detach pidfile=/opt/SolarWinds/Agent/bin/swiagentd.pid

      swiagent 27003 26978  3 11:33 ?        00:00:00 /opt/SolarWinds/Agent/bin/Plugins/JobEngine/SolarWinds.Agent.JobEngine.Plugin ep=EWA671347AAD22E407EA127C0307FDFF255 id=f3ea1873-1262-4818-b452-74240ff9f0c1.EWWP ipc=ipc_mq_v1

        swiagent 27024 26978  0 11:33 ?        00:00:00 /opt/SolarWinds/Agent/bin/Plugins/Discovery/SolarWinds.Agent.Discovery.Plugin ep=EWA671347AAD22E407EA127C0307FDFF255 id=080e503e-950e-45b9-a493-68c82e242ab4.EWWP ipc=ipc_mq_v1


      We would like to know if there is a better enterprise-grade troubleshooting solution suggested by SolarWinds