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    F5 BIG-IP: How to hide redirect virtual servers created by F5 iApps in Network Insight views?


      This lab F5 has 2 1 LTM with 2 iApps (microsoft_iis) configured for SSL bridging (termination and re-encryption).   Each iApp consists of two virtual servers, one with a service check and one without; the one without is a port 80 redirect to the SSL version.

      This is an extremely folded-up display of one of the two iApps, called BEARTEST-iis, showing both virtual servers associated with this iApp.


      2017-03-01 22_17_58-BIG-IP® - BIGIP1 BEARTEST-iis iApp.png


      This presents a problem in Solarwinds, because now half the configured pools (2 of 4) appear as 'unknown' and I can't figure out how to get Solarwinds to ignore them.


      2017-03-01 21_53_02-F5 LTM Details - BIGIP1.png