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    Solarwinds - Senior Network Engineer Support Contract (Washington, DC area)


      Hello SolarWinds Community,


         A Washington DC area IT Consulting group - with Data Center operations and concerns is looking to augment our senior systems team with a Networking and SolarWinds expert.  We are looking for a Senior Networking specialist, who is able to demonstrate they are a top-gun SolarWinds guru.  Our infrastructure is moderately complex - with a number of site locations (VPN Tunneling Point-to-Point) with a number of hosted services.


        We are proposing a part-time consulting services agreement (schedule is flexible) - most work can be done remotely, however, some work may require onsite time at our offices (Rockville, MD or Reston, VA) and datacenters (downtown DC, Vienna VA, and Northern VA/North-west Maryland).


        Our network topology includes Cisco network devices (layer switches, routers and firewalls), we currently run Dell systems - with NAS storage area network attached devices (iSCSI).  We run a multitude of VM ESXi hosts.  Our environment is a mix of Microsoft Windows (2012, with some legacy 2008 and 2003) OS, RedHat, Linux (Cent-OS).


        Tasking :


          1) We will provide an overview of the current network topology, including SolarWinds current device configuration

          2) We are looking to improve visibility into network traffic patterns (internal network, and VLANS - and external facing sites)

          3) Leveraging Cisco and SolarWinds we would like to setup a basic level of network accounting (report by interface - traffic, report by application - traffic)

          4) Establish SLA based on network performance

          5) Review techniques to support traffic shaping, or network quality improvements


        Initially, we are establishing a budget of 160 hrs over four months.


        We would propose an initial team meeting at one of our offices in the DC area, as a project kickoff, with details, scheduling and planning.


        If you are a Senior Network Engineer (certified SolarWinds expert) - Cisco Certified engineer - CISSP - please forward your contact information and resume to me directly.  Also, include your fees, rates and typical availability.