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    Complete a Form as part of a Workflow Task


      I would like to do the following.


      My Staff put in Tickets to request an iPad app.


      I would like a child ticket created with a form for Staff to complete that would ask them questions on the viability of the app. Staff will have 30 days to evaluate the app to let us know if the app should be adopted by the district for use by all teachers in their grade level.


      After the staff complete the form, it needs to be approved by a department chair, and eventually the curriculum director.


      Wondering if this can be done in WHD, or if I will need to design this in FileMaker.

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          This sounds like it could be done but there would be several steps!

          Rough ideas:


          Create 2 different Request Types, something like:

          iPad App Request         <-- this is what an end user would select when submitting a ticket.


          iPad APP Request Staff Review    <--  This is what the Techs would review - it will be the 'child' ticket.  You would probably define this Request Type to only be seen by Techs in the "IT" Department (or something else specific) rather than letting everyone see this one.


          Create a Task    (Setup -> Tickets -> Tasks) and give it some name (iPad App Request is fine in this case).    This is what will actually make the child ticket.

          That Task will have one Task Element (ticket); the request type for that Task Element will be "iPad App Request Staff Review".  

          (Side Note: be sure and make the Task "shared" on the first tab of the Task definition)


          You can create whatever Ticket Custom Fields related to application viability that you wish to present to Staff.  You would link those Ticket Custom Fields to that Request Type.  <-- this would be your 'form' that will appear in the child ticket.


          Create an "Action Rule"  (Setup -> Processes -> Action Rules).   You'll set that up thusly:

          • [Action Rule info tab]: Evaluate criteria  "on all ticket updates"   and   "only at ticket creation"
          • [Criteria tab]  Request Type IS "iPad App Request"
          • [Action tab] Run Task "whatever you named the task earlier"


          Create one more Ticket Custom Field called something like "SEND FOR APPROVAL", and make that custom field a dropdown with a couple of options like "Don't Send Yet" and "Send for Approval Now"

          Create one more Action Rule set up like this:

          • [Action Rule info tab]: Evaluate criteria  "only when updated by a Tech"   and   "only if criteria did not match before the ticket was updated"
          • [Criteria tab]  Custom Field "Send for Approval"  =  "send for approval now"
          • [Action tab] Add Approval Process "whatever you named the approval process" earlier



          So the flow here would be:

          End user puts in a ticket for iPad App Request.

          That hits an action rule which runs a Task

          That Task generates an "iPad App Request Staff Review" ticket which gets assigned to the Staff Tech Group

          A Tech in the Staff group reviews the ticket and answers the custom fields.

          WHEN the Tech sets that custom field to "send for approval now" and saves the ticket, it applies an approval process to the ticket and kicks out an email to the defined Approver

          Approver approves

          Tech does work and/or initiates whatever other process is needed to get the ball rolling on the app.

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              Almost got it but not quite.


              End User creates a iPad App Request (so I can obtain the app and put into JAMF Self Service for students to install)

              End User gets the iPad App Form Review (this is the part I do not know if it can happen). The Teacher who submits the iPad App Request needs to get the Form to complete and submit as well. The teacher will have 30 days to evaluate the requested app. The form would need to be submitted within 30 days. After the form is submitted, and department chair (another non-tech) would need to approve the app for district use or deny the app in which case it would be removed from JAMF and all iPads.


              So the ONLY tech who would see the ticket would be me, so I can obtain the app from VPP and assign in JAMF.


              The end user (Teacher) needs to create the initial ticket (iPad App Request)

              The end user (Teacher) needs to complete the child ticket (iPad Form Review with custom fields)

              The end user (department chair) needs to Approve/Deny the iPad Form Review.


              Can this be done?